Break up?? Consequences??

hehe... dont know why. i like to make a love-related entry lately..
(maybe its the sign for me to be in loved.. hohoho)
ok back to the topic.
its a good thing to be in love-life. but not all "Love life"-things is good.(especially when break-up (-.-)
for today entry, i wanna talk about the painful things when break up.. ( which may be pop-up when we try to move on) 
(go on and read!! you might have felt at least one of these things before or u will feel it later)

hohoho.. here i listed some of the painful things when broke up :

• Trying to hide what you really feel.
hohoho... i know it hard n maybe the hardest thing to do in your part..
but to make people happy for your moving on (after break-up)
you have to show that you are okay but deep inside you are not (i know u r not ok ).

Reminiscing the good times.
That's the only thing that you can do.. Good memories with your past lover may make you smile.
but my advices, FORGET IT!!

Bringing back the feeling you've learned to forget.
When u think of it, "I got over him/her" and promised yourself to forget everything including the feelings for that person.
But when you will try to bring back the feeling, you have to reminisce the good times. (well its felt suck!!)

• Having a commitment with someone you know that would not last (plu-straight crush).
This is what you called a gamble. When you will love someone you have to take a risk.
Because you will never know what will happens next.this is the most common happen to almost plu..!
we fall in love to him n we dont know how it will end up. (refer to my previous entry. i talk in details there)

Taking risk to "fall in love "again"
Like what I've mentioned above, loving someone is a gamble.
You know everything would not last except both of you decided to tie a knot.

Right love at the wrong time.
Simple explanation with this is that two persons love each other but the problem is he have her and she have him. OUCH!
(means two person in love while they have their own partner)

Loving someone who loves another.
All I can say is: It's time to face the truth, he/she will never be with you.
 Don't let one-sided love invades you. ( it will end up with hurt feeling)
advise : find another guy who is better than him :)

Accepting that it was never meant to me.
ouch..! ... I hate this feeling.
i wont describe further.. it hurted :(

• What Ifs.
All you can do is to have "day dreaming" about that person. Hoping for nothing?

My advices : Go to the one whom can comfort u better rather than love.. such family, friends. they will accept u with open hands.. (trust me.! i've been there).. or keep urself busy. so u wont think of him or her.. :)

Aie Jone


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