bestfriends love??

erm.. gotta situation here..
what will u do if u fall in love with ur buddies?
(no discrimination for str8 or even gay)
with this situation, there will be two possibolities :

1. both are in love with each other
- happy ending of course.. (happily ever after bla.. bla.. bla..)
2. one sided love
- this is the most difficult situation. for example, if one confess his or her love towards the other, n the other one  reject the love,.. the situation will be most awkward later.. (awkward friends - loss bestfriend)

however, describing in gay love, it will be most complicated. as we are plu, we often fall in love with our str8 friends. its hard to resist .( i know. i have felt it too) plu - str8 crushes are like do or die situation when it comes to the confession..
usually , it commonly end up in one sided love n an awkward friendship. (i have been there once :( :( :( )

so, if u fall in love with ur buddies, watch out!

my advices (if u dont want to be in awkward friendships, which probably will happen,
1. try not to confess it.
2. try ur best hid it..
until u confirmed that u r not in one sided love :)

p/s : to my friends im, this entry contained my advices  for u :)


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